Flooring in a home is one that must be simple and durable, and one that is also affordable. Vinyl flooring is one choice that fulfills all these conditions and can be easily used even in places where moisture can be a problem, like kitchens or bathrooms.

A vinyl floor is a building material that is engineered and made of poly vinyl chloride. It is considered similar to linoleum but has greater durability. Printed vinyl has a thin sheet of vinyl that has a printed paper coating. It is cheap, though not as durable as the inlaid vinyl, which will have thicker sheets, and is more expensive. Both of these varieties are available in tiles form as well as sheets. You can get vinyl flooring in many colors and designs, and this does give you a lot of options when you are considering the flooring for your home.

Vinyl Flooring Gold Coast

Timber look vinyl tiles come in 100s of colours

Vinyl floors cost much less than other tiles or stone and can lost for a long time if proper attention is given to their maintenance. They are ideal for use in areas that have heavy traffic, and when you use tiles, it is easy to replace worn out tiles. Adding underlay to the vinyl floor can give an added insulation which gives the flooring acoustic qualities.

Maintenance of vinyl flooring is easy as it just requires frequent vacuuming and mopping to clear it of all stains.

Flooring made of vinyl is, however, sensitive to heat and light, and constant exposure to both can lead to it cracking and fading. It is also not possible to polish or refinish vinyl floor, as you can do in the case of hardwood or stone floors, and this requires it to be replaced if any defects are noticed in the floor. It is normal to use printed vinyl floors for areas that do not have much traffic, like bedrooms or homes. Inlaid vinyl floors are best for public areas where there is heavy foot traffic. You can also go in for vinyl sheets, if you have a tight budget, but do keep in mind, that you do not have the advantage of replacing portions of worn out sheets, as you can in the place of tiles.

Care must be taken to see that the surface on which vinyl flooring is laid is smooth and has no ridges or undulations. These can cause flooring to crack. Vinyl flooring is normally laid down on floors with adhesives that may require some time to cure and bond. It is also recommended that the room in which this flooring is to be laid have a constant temperature, and to ensure the proper curing and bonding, this temperature must be maintained for at least two days after the installation.

Vinyl flooring must regularly be cleaned if it has to maintain its shine and luster. Spills must be cleaned up as soon as they occur; otherwise there is a possibility of there being stains, which can look quite ugly. Cleaners used on vinyl must not contain any abrasives, as these can mar the smooth surface of the flooring.