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Posted by Mikee on October 20, 2016
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If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your residence infested with pests, then it is recommended you opt for a professional pest control service TPC Gold Coast for instance. Yes, it is true that removal of pests can be completed independently (especially if the infestation is small); however, an effective and permanent removal is typically more beneficially conducted by professional technicians. Finding the ideal pest controller, however, requires certain considerations and these must be taken into account. This article will help identify the considerations and will note the top five factors to examine when locating the most suitable pest removal service.TPC Gold Coast Pest Control vehicle

1. Strong Track Record

When searching for the ideal pest control service, it is important that you determine their track record or experience. While it is not discouraged to hire newly qualified and inexperienced companies, this is not encouraged in specific situations such as a severe pest infestation. To ensure the company you are using has strong experience in pest removal services, it is recommended that you review their work portfolio. Nowadays, portfolios are available on the company’s online websites; however, it is advised that you discuss at least two prior cases with the technician before committing to ensure they have the correct and relevant knowledge to your specific situation.

2. A Professional Manner

Upon arriving at your residence, it is important that the technician behaves in a professional manner. By this, we are referring to the procedure being followed before any practical extermination takes place. The procedure involves an assessment of the property and situation through inspection of the home followed by a discussion of the most appropriate treatments available. Any pest controller presenting with knowledge in this area and competent skills will be able to recommend the most effective approach to the particular infestation. By discussing this issue you should be able to determine whether or not the pest control service provider is knowledgeable and worth your time.


One of the key features to look for, and one that would make a pest control provider more attractive to hire, is the ability to offer a full guarantee on the service offered. If the service is not willing to provide any form of guarantee on the work, this should ring some alarm bells. It is often noted that people facing stressful infestations will neglect this factor and find themselves working with unreliable providers. Do not fall into this trap and always query the possibility of a guarantee.

4. Insurance Coverage

In addition to a guarantee, it is important to discuss the issue of insurance coverage during an initial consultation. Insurance coverage is beneficial as it will remove any responsibility or liability on your behalf should an accident or injury occurs during the extermination. It is recommended that you avoid pest controller services that are unable to provide confirmation of insurance policies.

5. Professional Accreditation

While this is not a necessary requirement, it is always recommended that one question whether or not the pest control professional is affiliated with the local or national pest control association. In order to register with these associations, the professional will need to adhere to strict criteria meaning you are assured, services of a qualified and competent technician.

Inspecting Properties for Termite Damage

Posted by Mikee on September 6, 2016
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Termites, without them we’d be 100 feet deep in dead trees all around the world, they have a significant job to do, and they do it well. However, termites cause more damage, to more homes, every single year than all the wars have done since the beginning of time, it just all spread out so you don’t recognize it. In every country in the world, termites do billions of dollars of damage with their infestations and colonies, that relentlessly eat and burrow in our wood. One of the most effective measures that a homeowner can take against termites, and their damage, is to do periodic inspections of your home for infestations. Let’s go over a few basic, and easy, tasks that the homeowner can do to substantially mitigate their risk to termite damage by Termite Protection Company Brisbane.

Most termite damage is caused by subterranean termites that live in fallen trees, and their roots below ground level, in huge colonies involving millions upon millions of drone workers. These workers work tirelessly from birth to death, 24 hours a day, finding and eating the wood from your house. Termites only eat dead wood, never live wood that has sap in it, but since houses are always built with wood that has been kiln dried it makes a perfect meal for the average termite. Your job, inspecting your house, is to find the termite’s access points and take proactive measures to limit their access and kill as many as possible.

When locating pests of any kind, there are a couple of valuable tools that you need have, the first will be a powerful flashlight, a screwdriver, good eyesight, and the diligence to make it happen. So, what you’ll want to do is, start on the corner of your house on the outside perimeter, walking slowly and looking for termite access points and evidence of their damage. When the termite colonies come out of the ground looking for your home, they build mud tubes up the outside of your foundation to the wood, then burrow in. Once they’ve found a good meal, they return to the colony and bring back a steady stream of worker drones that will then continue to consume your home 24 hours a day.

If you have found some mud tubes rising up from the ground along your foundation, you’ll want to immediately knock them down, then you need to soak the ground thoroughly with the appropriate insecticide to prevent their return. You’ll want to saturate the ground at least 10 feet in each direction next to the foundation so that any other termite scouts that come along will die and not reveal the location of your home. The screwdriver that you have so diligently carried so far, is to probe the wood in suspect locations to see if the termites have eaten substantial amounts of your home. Even though they work slowly they are relentless.

As you can see, inspecting your home is a fairly easy task that should not be neglected. By repeating the process, both inside and outside of the home, every couple of months you will be able to completely prevent any termite infestation. Maintaining a perimeter blockade of insecticide is also a valuable deterrent.

Termites Destroy Houses

Posted by Incorporated on September 28, 2013
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Nothing is worse than having the effort you have actually put into your house wrecked by termites. These harmful but industrious bugs can trigger irrecoverable damage in a really brief time. They will chew and burrow into walls, posts, and support beams. Not just that, they will even make a meal of your books, photo CDs, shoes, and clothing.

Not detecting a termite infestation early can bring about unsafe effects. This can include a collapsing roof or pricey structural repair works. For this reason, residents require comprehending ways to identify termite invasion early and do something about it. While termites could appear safe they are more efficient in destruction than you might think.

Pest control specialists suggest that homeowners frequently inspect their residential property for any indicator of insect caused damage. Doing these regular checks can conserve you countless dollars in repairs. Also watching on your property can assist give you comfort. If you would such as to understand effective ways you can survey your home for signs of a termite intrusion, here are some handy tips.

The first thing to comprehend is that termite invasions begin from the outside. They are burrowing insects that make their homes initially in the earth. This is why you should check the ground and surrounding lawn areas of your house. Possibilities are you may have the ability to see the indications of a beginning termite intrusion prior to they really make it into your residence. Look for indications in your garden, shed, and even garage. , if you notice what appears to be termites there are termite control options that are made specifically for treating soil.

When browsing for the right insect control option, make certain that you pick one specifically for use in soil. There are some items that will note they are for use in both dirt and on the wood. A product that has actually been formulated for soil use is the finest choice in this case. Before you use the product, it is necessary that you’ve checked out the directions thoroughly. Some pest control products are made of extremely focused chemicals that could have to be watered down in water prior to you use them.

You want to look over all parts of your home that are constructed of wood. This is a telltale sign that termites have begun to make a meal of your cherished house.

silent, deadly termites

If you stay in a high-humidity region then dry-wood termites are the most common vermin to fret about. Most hardware shops will have special formulas for getting rid of dry-wood termites on their shelves. Most of these will be available in a spray formula. Again, it is extremely smart to review the guidelines before making use of any anti-termite solution. You might have to dilute with water or there could be various other preventative measures you have to take in the past use.

An additional choice besides pesticides is using termite lures. These are specially designed insect traps that are treated with a substance that brings in termites. The bugs are drawn inside the trap and afterward unable to escape. Termite traps can be placed in basements, attics, and other tough to reach locations. Using termite traps in combination with a good pesticide is an excellent preventative measure.

You will want to place the baits near areas where it appears termites could get in. Air vents, windows, and outside dealing with walls are all excellent places to begin. Nevertheless, it is still a great concept to watch on things even after putting traps. Pesticides and traps do have a shelf-life so staying on par with routine treatments is a really wise thing to do.

While it’s excellent to take preventative measures they may not suffice to regulate a stubborn termite issue. Most commercially readily available simply aren’t strong enough to take care of an extremely bad bug invasion. If it looks like your termite issue is more than you can manage, you need to ask a professional pest control service for assistance. They will understand the best ways to eliminate termites both securely and efficiently.

Absolutely nothing is worse than having the difficult work you’ve put into your house messed up by termites. If you observe what appears to be termites there are termite control solutions that are made specifically for dealing with dirt.

Another option besides pesticides is the use of termite lures. Using termite traps in combination with an excellent pesticide is an exceptional preventative measure.

If it looks like your termite issue is even more than you can handle, you must ask an expert termite control professionals for assistance.

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