If you have been unfairly accused of a crime, you are probably already aware that you’ll need a lawyer, or the court will assign one to work on your behalf. While you might be vaguely aware that those professionals work to have you found innocent, you may not know what they do specifically or what their work is like. Here are some of the ways a criminal lawyer works for you by¬†Save U Legal: Tweed Heads Criminal Lawyer.

Looking For Ways To Have Charges Dropped

A criminal lawyer in your state has undergone a great deal of education about the law. Not Save U Legal: Tweed Heads Criminal Layweronly will they apply the law to help you during your case, but they can also ensure that the law has been appropriately applied to you thus far.

For instance, where you read your Miranda rights when you were arrested? Were your belongings unlawfully searched? Were you treated fairly? These are the things your lawyer will look at to determine whether there is some evidence that the charges against you should be dropped.

Investigating Your Story

While you are in jail or home on bail, your lawyer will be hard at work collecting evidence to prove your innocence. This starts with following up on the story you gave them or the police when you were picked up.

It’s very important to be truthful with your criminal lawyer; if you try to withhold facts or hide things because you think you’re protecting yourself or others, your lawyer cannot fully do their job. Because of client-lawyer protections, you should feel free to provide your attorney with as much information as you can. They can sort through that information to determine what is relevant and what can most help you.

Contacting Witnesses

After you’ve been arrested, it is vital that you only talk to those who have your best interests at heart. You might want to contact directly possible witnesses or other people who are related to your case, as you might want to find out what they are going to say about you in court. However, this can be a disaster. Meeting up with people who may not be open to a conversation can make you look worse and can escalate the situation, leading to additional arrests and problems.

Instead, leave all contact to your lawyer. If someone asks to speak to you, ensure that your attorney is present so that you are protected throughout the conversation.

File Appeals

Even if you end up being convicted, your criminal lawyer’s job isn’t done. They can work to get you an appeal or to have the verdict overturned. You might feel dejected and upset, but your criminal lawyer will keep working for you.

Now that you know more about the work of a criminal lawyer, you can better understand why they do some of the things they do. Be sure to work closely with your attorney so that they can help you build the strongest possible case for yourself.